Monday, August 11, 2014

Peace and Prosperity

It is almost midnight and I should be in bed if I am to have any hope of getting up tomorrow at 7 am but I see that my last post here was in April (!!) and I feel the need to pop on if only for a moment to update the blogosphere as to what I have been up to.

I am in a great place, happy, peaceful, trusting in God's plan and doing my best to love my family no matter the circumstances. I am being challenged in a few key ways right now, mostly related to homeschooling which I am undertaking this year for the second time with my eldest. It did not go well the first time, but God brought everyone around to believing it was for the best that we try again. I am determined this time to focus on character, not performance, and work to make the experience as positive as I can.

My health is good, Praise God, my children are growing and active. My husband started a new law firm a year ago and it is growing with all the accompanying growing-pains that are to be expected, even desired. But naturally there is stress involved which my husband is bearing the brunt of. I personally have no doubt about his success, if not with this endeavor than with the next. That doesn't help him out much, though.

I am hoping once I get into a rhythm with homeschooling and the kids fall activities, and get a handle on my volunteer positions (Shepherd for my daughter's American Heritage Girls troop, Registrar and Prayer Coordinator for my Mother's Group, and volunteer with Catholic Charities Archdiocesan Housing) and my home, that I will be able to focus more attention on getting back to living simply and communicating some of our wonderful new Pope's wisdom on the subject.

Till then, blogging will likely be rather spotty. With love and prayers to all who read this little blog, Good Night. :)

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