Friday, April 18, 2014

Not the brightest bulb in the....bulb box....

"Lord, help me today, Good Friday. I give this day to you with all its trials and sufferings. I want so much to make this day holy for you, to find a way to sit with you in your suffering. I don't know how I can do it because the kids are already fighting with each other and crying, and I know I'm going to spend today in chaos with all the kids at home making messes and being noisy, dragging them to prayers and Stations and enduring their whining and constant demands. Show me how I can create a space to celebrate your Passion today..."

Oh. Wait a minute.

Yeah, that makes sense, Lord.

"Lord, help me today, Good Friday. Be with me amid my trials and sufferings as I struggle to parent these beautiful gifts whom I love. Shower me with Your grace so I respond to complaints with compassion, demands with gentle forbearance, defiance with love, and disruptions with patience. Grant me the strength to be mindful of You in the everyday moments of my life today. I offer my sufferings to You as a partnership with Your Passion for the salvation of the world, and particularly for those in my life who do not know You. I love You, Lord Jesus. Guide me today. Amen."

Title quote from Frasier. Love that show.

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