Thursday, August 16, 2012


There has been so much going on internally over the past few months, but very little of it that I feel I can share in a public forum. I can briefly say that I am struggling in my marriage, struggling with depression, and searching for a way to express myself when the people around me oppose my views on everything that is important to me.

I am seeing a counselor. I am taking joy in my children (especially the baby.) I am reading extensively. I have a network of friends who are helping me get through the days. I am in solidarity with those around the world who feel unimportant, and all those who suffer from mental illness, who wish they could fix their minds and who find themselves acting and saying things beyond their control.

I hope to search out a way to share more specifics without violating the privacy of my family members. I feel I may be coming closer to some truths about the Christian life, and about myself, that may be helpful for anyone looking to connect their day to day lives to the poor.

I am very aware of the patronage of the Holy and Blessed St. Frances of Rome, and ask her particular intersession on my situation.