Friday, November 1, 2013

Choosing Truth

When all else is lost, when there is nothing -- no solace, no healing, no relief, and no hope -- the only thing we can do is rely on the truth.

This I know: There is one faith in this world that promotes love for all, a sense of responsibility for the least among us, a life of service and sacrifice intended to ease the suffering of others, a sense of community with those here and those who have gone beyond, and ultimately, a loving reward for those who choose to open their hearts to it. That is the Catholic faith.

When people say "God is enough" I think this is what they mean. It is enough that I hold to the truth and am faithful to it, to the best of my limited ability, even in my weakness. It guarantees nothing...nothing except forgiveness of my sins and the gates opening for me. And that is enough.

It is enough that I believe. That I try. That I continue on and let Truth guide my choices.

In so many ways, control is an illusion, a First World promise that fails to deliver. Christianity does not promise me prosperity in this life, success in business or relationships, comfort, physical health, or happiness. Millions of Christians around the world are suffering and have no way to stop the pain or protect the ones they love from physical or emotional harm. Truth is all they have. Eternity is their only promise.

To have expectations for anything different is a fallacy and a lie.