Monday, March 9, 2009

Feast Day

Today is the feast day of one of my patron Saints: St. Frances of Rome. Our presider today said a few things about her, mainly that she had been married, had three kids (two died in infancy) and upon her husband's death dedicated herself to serving the poor.

What has always resonated with me, though, is her treatment of her marriage. Married to an unbeliever, and under the authority of those who thought her values were ridiculous, she neither gave up her faith nor turned to bitterness or spite. She didn't reproach her indolent family members or grow angry with her pagan husband. Instead, she embraced their expectations for her and willingly took up the roles of mistress of the household, Roman socialite, and devoted mother. By the end of her life, she had seen numerous miracles, including those that brought about the conversion of her husband and father-in-law, and been consoled with the presence of angels and visions of heaven.

Her life speaks to me of the two truths I struggle with most.

1. God's will happens in His time.
2. I serve God best by living wholeheartedly the life I have been given.

As she once said: "A married woman must often leave God at the altar to find Him in her household care."

St. Frances of Rome, by your tremendous example, help us to be obedient to God's will, to care for the people He puts in our lives, and to persevere with hope and faith through all our sufferings. Ask that the Lord might enflame us with zeal for His work and His people, as He enflamed your soul on earth. Guide us to good habits and assist us in those tasks we most dread. In God's name, we pray. AMEN.

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qualcosa di bello said...

i will be remembering you in june when i visit Santa Francesca Romana in rome & am able to pray before the relics of this most wonderful saint ( i also hold her very close in my wifely vocation)